Do the Health Benefits of Marriage Depend on the Likelihood of Marriage?

Marriage promotion tasks presume considerable health blessings of marriage. Current literature, but, has furnished inconsistent results on whether or not those blessings would be shared via people not going to marry.

We inspect whether the bodily and intellectual fitness advantages of marriage depend on the probability of marriage. Whereas earlier studies have as compared fitness benefits of marriage across a single predictor 中年婚姻介紹 of marriage possibilities, we define the likelihood of marriage as a composite of demographic, financial, and fitness characteristics.

Using the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1979, we find that married adults are best modestly healthier than single adults in both bodily and intellectual dimensions.

People with a better probability of marriage commonly do no longer obtain greater health benefits from marriage than their counterparts. The best exception is that non-stop marriage is greater strongly associated with improved mental health amongst guys who are more likely to be married.

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